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Welcome to Latrobe College of Art & Design, specialised training in visual arts, photography, and graphic design courses.

With small class sizes and dedicated studio spaces, we offer students an individualised experience when they enter our art and design courses in Melbourne.

Based in Collingwood, Latrobe College of Art & Design is conveniently located near to Melbourne’s CBD for students wishing to study specialist art and design courses

For all enquiries regarding our courses, enrolment, or the application process, please contact us here or phone us on +61 3 9495 6622.

Course Enrolment
Applying to study our art and design courses in Melbourne is simple and quick. Locate Our course application process or view the entry dates below.

We offer focused and prestigious courses in:

Local and international students of all ages can apply for our courses for the following entry dates:

  • Winter 2019 Entry Option starts June 3rd 2019
  • Spring 2019 Entry Option starts September 16th 2019
  • Autumn 2020 Entry Option starts February 17th 2020

Single subject enrolment is also available. Learn more about single subject enrolment here.

Short and one-day workshops in Painting, Drawing, Photography and Architecture are available.

Short Courses and Overseas Tours with our Dedicated Teachers

As well as this, Latrobe College of Art & Design offers 1-2 week intensive overseas contemporary art tours. These are available to both students and non-students.

Our next tours in 2019 are:

    Bali, 18-24 May 2019
    Venice Biennale, 28 Aug – 8 Sep 2019



When you enter the Latrobe College of Art & Design’s Collingwood Campus, you will be met with a friendly, supportive community feeling.

The college is a government-approved, independent tertiary institution, offering exclusive visual art, design, and photography courses in Melbourne. Established in 1995, we celebrated 24 years of excellence in arts education in 2019.

Offering smaller, more customised classes than other institutions in Melbourne, we are able to provide an enriching, tutorial-based arts education that delivers significantly more one-on-one learning.

With experienced teachers and a complete focus on visual arts, photography, and graphic design, students can develop their craft and refine their path at Latrobe College of Art & Design.

Latrobe College of Art & Design has both a reputation for and a history of success in the arts. This can be seen in our dedicated and committed staff, as well as the many graduates who have produced award-winning, recognised work through exhibits, design firms, and creative businesses.

Our friendly staff welcomes students of all ages, regardless of your previous experience or cultural background. We offer flexible study options, including full-time and part-time programs, as well as work-based study.

Study Visual Art, Graphic Design, and Photography in our Diploma courses or Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts, or choose from individual classes to focus your learning in the areas that most appeal to your creative direction.

At Latrobe College of Art & Design, all Advanced Diploma students are given permanent, individual studio spaces to work in. Vet Student Loans can also be accessed by eligible part-time and full-time students.


In the Studios

Latrobe College of Art and Design

LaTrobe College of Art & Design is a renowned independent art college in the arts hub of Collingwood known for its teaching staff and the success of its specialised courses in visual art, digital media and design. Accredited Courses are offered in painting, multimedia design, video production, illustration, photography, drawing, sculpture, graphic design, print design, studio practice,interactive animation, galleries & exhibition practice, art history and theory.
Latrobe College of Art and Design
Latrobe College of Art and DesignSaturday, November 9th, 2019 at 3:16pm

Extended Drawing Inventiveness sets the trend for Oakes Day, designing and making, extraordinarily outrageous couture that tickles the funny bone inside out. A brilliant day for witty and wonderful creations that celebrate absurdity in unbridled, imaginative jest. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Latrobe College of Art and Design
Latrobe College of Art and DesignThursday, November 7th, 2019 at 11:20am

Come along to Latrobe College and find out about next years Watercolour in Bali 7 day tour on Saturday November 30th at 2pm. The tour will run from May 16th to 22nd.

Latrobe College of Art and Design
Latrobe College of Art and DesignThursday, November 7th, 2019 at 10:31am

Come and see the wonderful journals made during our recent Venice trip. Opening this Saturday (the 9th) between 2-4pm at @latrobecollege #latrobecollege #latrobecollegeofartanddesign #artjournal #arttour #arttrip #venicebiennale @labiennale @...

Latrobe College of Art and Design
Latrobe College of Art and DesignFriday, November 1st, 2019 at 2:12pm

Objects parading under cover, hiding in patterned motif, and doing the daddy long leg dance...fruitful outcomes despite excessive heat. Terrific rigour everyone, some very engaging work in Extended Drawing Invention.

Latrobe College of Art and Design
Latrobe College of Art and DesignFriday, October 18th, 2019 at 7:06pm

The topic in Studio Practice was
“Let the body determine the form of the work” @martinacopley #latrobecollege #latrobecollegeofartanddesign #studiopractice #artschool #artstudios #artstudent #studyart @ Latrobe College of Art...



Advanced Diploma of Visual Art

Diploma Of Visual Art



Diploma Of Graphic Design

Diploma of graphic design


Diploma of Photography & Photo Imaging

Diploma of photography & photo imaging



Single Subjects



  • trance

  • techno

  • synth-pop

  • soundtrack

  • smooth-jazz

  • rock

  • rap

  • >r-b

  • psychedelic

  • pop-rock

  • pop

  • new-age

  • musicians

  • metal

  • melodic-metal

  • lounge

  • jazz-funk

  • jazz

  • house

  • hip-hop

  • >heavy-metal

  • hard-rock

  • get.php

  • electronic

  • dubstep

  • drumbass

  • downtempo

  • disco

  • country

  • clubdance

  • classical

  • chillout

  • chanson

  • breakbeat

  • blues

  • ambient

  • alternative-rock